Residential Carpet Recycling

Recycling used residential carpet is a way to promote product sustainability, reduce greenhouse gases while helping to preserve landfill space.

When you recycle unwanted or used carpet, you are doing for more than just performing a feel-good environmental exercise. Our landfills are being covered with pieces of wall-to-wall carpet, to the point that carpet and pad make up a significant portion of landfill volumes.

“Out of the Waste Stream and into the Mainstream”

Circular Polymers views residential carpet as a valuable and renewable natural resource. Therefore, while reducing your waste, you are contributing to maintaining sustainability for the flooring industry. Recycling aluminum, steel, newspaper and plastic bottles is now a habit for most Americans. CLEAR is adding carpet to that list.

Why Participate in Carpet Recycling?

Carpet recycling is popular for many reasons. Those who have sent their carpet to our recycling center instead of a landfill do so for many reasons. Among them: Costs less to recycle a reusable product. Creates sustainability in their flooring. It is easier now than ever to recycle carpet. Feels good about doing it. Saves landfill space. Helps to create green jobs. Reduces dependence on foreign oil.

Our Approach In Carpet Care

Our disruptive technology transforms post consumer discarded carpet into new polymer raw materials for many industries: Beverage & Packaging via chemical recycling, Housing, Cold Chain Management. We believe our most important assets are our people.

Carpet Recycling Container Is Now Available!

Now there’s a new way for your flooring business to send carpet for recycling: call Circular Polymers. We deliver a container right to your business (see sizes below). When the container is full of carpet and padding, we switch it out for an empty one. Contact us today for service locations, schedules and pricing: call (833) 466-3878.

Two container sizes to choose from:

Container Service Area Map

We provide carpet recycling container pick-up service to:

  • Greater Sacramento Area
  • Bay Area
  • Interstate 5 Corridor

Contact us at (833) 466-3878 for details.

What We Recycle

Accepted Not Accepted
Wall-to-wall carpet Wet carpet and padding
Foam Padding Synthetic Felt Padding
Carpet Tile