Circular Polymers

Our Story

In a major advance for the recycling industry and the circular economy, industry veterans David
Bender and Nick Fiore joined forces with financial executives Jeff Kupets and Mark Babich to form
Circular Polymers to supply post-consumer resin to various industries. Circular Polymers also
produces a high quality feedstock for the chemical recycling industry. Circular Polymers transforms
post-consumer carpet destined for landfill. Circular Polymers’ newly expanded facility in Lincoln,
California can process some 45 million pounds of carpet per year, with plans to expand further.

Our Team

David Bender

Chief Executive Officer

David has a deep knowledge and passion for recycling. He has owned, operated or advised four separate reclamation companies. He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Perpetual Recycling Solutions, the leading U.S. provider of food grade recycled PET flake in Richmond, IN. He owned and was chief executive of Pure Tech Plastics in Farmingdale, NY. He advised on the start-up of Geo-Tech Polymers in Waverly, OH and a distressed reclaimer, Plastic Reclamation Partners, in Chicago, IL.

Prior to recycling, David was CEO of HAVI Global Solutions a $5 billion organization comprising three divisions focused on packaging, supply chain management and marketing execution. David was also CEO of The Marketing, a $600 million global marketing, promotion and advertising company.

David is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Nick Fiore


Nick has been active member of the carpet industry since 1997. He developed and evolved many carpet recycling technologies to find the best practices. As an entrepreneur and financier, Nick has owned and operated 5 carpet recycling facilities. Prior to carpet recycling, Nick owned and operated 2pl logistics companies. Nick leads the organization in our mission to revolutionize the post- consumer carpet recycling industry. He is an active member of Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).

Jeffrey Kupets

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kupets spent 29 years in the financial sector. For 8 years prior to co-founding Circular Polymers, Jeff was Managing Partner of Mustang Trading, an index options trading firm in Chicago, IL. His leadership of the company included risk management, model evaluation and implementation, and regulatory compliance.

Previously, Jeff co-founded Bock Trading, and index options trading firm at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He began his career at Cooper, Neff and Associates in Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL.

Jeff is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark Babich

Relationship Partner

Mr. Babich has been engaged in the practice of law for a period in excess of 34 years, with a concentration in business startups, closely held companies, securities and income tax.

Mark has actively managed all back office, regulatory and financial matters for numerous and varied brokerage and securities companies having expanded ongoing operations to multiple European locations.

Mark is a dual graduate of the University of Illinois having graduated from both the College Business and the College of Law.