Circular Polymers

Our Story

In a major advance for the recycling industry and the circular economy, industry veteran David Bender formed Circular Polymers by Ascend to supply post-consumer resin to various industries. Circular Polymers also produces a high-quality feedstock for the chemical recycling industry. Circular Polymers by Ascend transforms post-consumer carpet destined for landfill. Circular Polymers by Ascend’s newly expanded facility in Lincoln, California can process some 45 million pounds of carpet per year, with plans to expand further.

Our Team

David Bender

Chief Executive Officer

David Bender has a deep knowledge and passion for recycling. He has owned, operated or advised four separate reclamation companies. David was the founder and chief executive officer of Perpetual Recycling Solutions, the leading U.S. provider of food grade recycled PET flake. He also owned and was the chief executive of Pure Tech Plastics. Additionally, David advised on the start-up of Geo-Tech Polymers and a distressed reclaimer, Plastic Reclamation Partners.

Prior to recycling, David was CEO of HAVI Global Solutions, a $5 billion organization which comprised three divisions focused on packaging, supply chain management and marketing execution. David was also CEO of The Marketing, a $600 million global marketing, promotion and advertising company.

David is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Joseph Ku

Senior Director of Operations

Joseph Ku has nearly 20 years of experience in recycling polymer. He helped found Innovative Fibers, a producer of recycled material for the non-woven industry where he served as the director of operations, managing over 80 million annual pounds of product. Joseph also consulted in the building of Custom Synthetic Fibers, a producer of recycled fibers, where he served as the president of the company. He then transitioned to Circular Polymers as the senior director of operations, where he manages the company’s day-to-day operations and drives sustainable success.

Joseph graduated from the University of Tennessee, where he received his bachelor’s degree and graduate degree in electrical engineering.

Maria Field

Business Development Director

Maria Field is a leader in the commercialization and manufacturing of recycled products. As the business development director for Circular Polymers by Ascend, she leads the growth of the company’s recycled nylon 6, nylon 6,6, PET, polypropylene and calcium carbonate feedstocks.

Prior to this role, Maria held a number of roles at Ascend and helped create the carbon neutrality program for Ascend Performance Materials and its customers. She began her career as an analyst at Clarian.

Maria earned a bachelor’s degree from Hollins University. She also holds an MBA from the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business.

Macey Lummus

Business Manager

As the business manager for Circular Polymers by Ascend, Macey Lummus manages the integration and continuous improvement of Circular Polymers’ operations and processes. Prior to this role, she served as a strategy and growth analyst where she was responsible for financial analysis and strategic evaluation of potential growth projects and acquisitions for Ascend Performance Materials.

Macey earned her bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Alabama.