Carpet Collection

What we do

Circular Polymers transforms post-consumer discarded carpet into new polymer raw materials for automotive parts, furniture, wood composites, engineered resins and injection molding. Our processed carpet gets manufactured into beverage bottles, packaging and textiles via chemical recycling.

Carpet recycling containers are now available!

Now there’s a new way for your flooring business to send carpet for recycling: call Circular Polymers. We deliver a container right to your business (see sizes below). When the container is full of carpet and padding, we switch it out for an empty one. Contact us today for service locations, schedules and pricing:

Call (833) 466-3878

Three container sizes to choose from:

53′ Trailer – 3,800 cubic feet

20′ Ground level cargo container
-1150 cubic feet (20′ x 8′ x 8′)

28’ container

Serving California

We provide carpet recycling container pick-up service across the state

Contact us for details:
(833) 466-3878

What We Recycle

Nylon Carpet
Polypropylene Carpet
PET Carpet
Foam Pad
Re-Bond Pad
Carpet Tile
Commercial carpet w/ no glue
Not Accepted
Wet Material
Job Scraps (small trim)
Wool Fiber
Jute-backed Carpet or Pad
Tack Strip
Cushion- or Foam-backed Carpet
Rubber-Backed Carpet / Rubber Pad
Excessively Glued Carpet
Double Stick Carpet/Pad
Synthetic Felt Pad