Circular Polymers produces Nylon 6,6, Nylon 6, PET and Polypropylene derived from post-consumer carpet We have exclusive North American rights to the Broadview Group’s rotary impact separator technology, which efficiently separates shredded post-consumer carpet into the face fiber, backing and calcium carbonate.

Our products are ideal feedstock for chemical recycling technologies, which break down plastics into monomers that can later be reassembled into new polymers. Circular Polymers also provides polymer for traditional markets such as automotive, injection molding, compounding, composites, cold chain, arena surfaces, and construction. Our Herbold densification pellet system allows for product in both fiber and pellet forms.

1. Collect Carpet

Post-consumer carpet is collected from across California

2. Sort Carpet

Carpet is segregated by polymer type (N66, N6, PP, PET).

3. Process into Fiber

We provide Nylon 6,6, Nylon 6, and PET fiber with 12% Polypropylene and 5% Calcium Carbonate. Our PP fiber has 5% Nylon and 5% calcium carbonate.

4. Process into Pellets

We convert fiber to densified pellets for applications requiring a higher bulk density polymer.